Unit Linked Savings Plan

This product forms part of the MAPFRE MSV product range.

  • A regular premium plan, with a minimum premium of €40 monthly
  • Provides you with a long-term investment offering a choice of different investments as well as the MSV With Profits Fund
  • The underlying investment funds in which you choose to invest your contributions have different levels of risk
  • Pays a lump sum at the end of the term of the plan
  • If death occurs before the end of the policy, you receive a death benefit of 101% of your policy account
  • The policy pays up to €2,500 for funeral expenses costs in the form of a pre-payment of the death benefit
  • You can pay the premiums monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly
  • You can stop your premiums and restart them at no additional costs within 5 years
  • The term of the plan can be between 10 and 57 years, as long as the plan ends by when you are 75 years old
  • Anyone domiciled in Malta who is at least 18 years old can have this plan.
  • The policy can be on a single life basis, or with another joint owner
  • You can choose to add a level or reducing amount to life cover
  • You can appoint one or more beneficiaries to receive the benefit under the Plan