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Reaching Heights Together

Welcome to Zenith Group

Zenith Group was officially launched. During the event, Lorraine Falzon, the Managing Director, explained how Zenith group is the evolution of a company that experienced substantial growth. Since its inception in November 2007, the company has developed exponentially in all its areas of business, whether in the provision of investments, insurance or corporate consulting. Due to this development the company’s obvious step was to separate these three branches into individual dedicated companies; Zenith Finance, Zenith Plan and Zenith Consult. Each company having a highly specialised team of advisors focusing on their area of expertise. Continuing with their mission in building and maintaining long-standing relationships with their clients; Zenith group are committed in having their clients at the heart of their business. “We would not be here today if it was not for you, dear customers, who trusted in us for the last decade. Thank you for everything and we will continue to give the best possible service,” commented Lorraine Falzon, the Managing Director Zenith group. “Our people are our greatest asset and they were instrumental in this journey” she continued.

Present at this event was also the Honourable Silvio Schembri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, who stated, “It is very encouraging to see entities in the private sector, like Zenith Group that are responding positively to the Government’s initiatives in the financial sector. The current Government will continue taking the necessary steps to strengthen and support the finance sector. Discussions to have a more efficient MFSA and investing in scholarships to upskill the human resources are few of the measures the Government is currently working on” said Schembri.

It was explained that Zenith Finance will be the financial advisory firm, focusing on traditional investments, both in local and international markets. Reaching various agreements with reputable international counter parties and partnering with locally established companies to offer their clients a wide spectrum of financial products and the most viable financial investments. Whilst Zenith (Tied Insurance Intermediary) Limited, operating under the brand name, Zenith Plan, will be the entity that focuses on the provision of various life insurance plans, as well as an array of general insurance products. As a Tied Insurance Intermediary for MAPFRE MSV Life, Zenith Plan will be in a position to provide clients with life insurance solutions and long-term savings. Their products include life protection policies, regular savings and single premium products, in low risk and risk-adjusted schemes. The third branch of the company is Zenith Consult. The establishment within the Zenith group that will focus on corporate consulting, founded specifically to give their corporate clients a holistic service. Zenith Consult will offer a number of consultancy services ranging from business best practices, to marketing, to sales growth management. It was also announced that Zenith is always looking for growth opportunities and ways to improve their customer service, thus the obvious step for the company is to open more regional branches with the first one to be in Gozo.

In the meantime, Zenith advisors are always ready to assist and appointments with clients can be made by calling their offices on 2133 2200 or visiting their head office in Msida, Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.

Zenith Finance Limited is licensed to conduct investment services business by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Zenith (Tied Insurance Intermediary) Limited is an enrolled Tied Insurance Intermediary under the Insurance Distribution Act (Cap 487), for both MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. (MMS) and MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (MMSV). MMS is authorised by the MFSA to carry on both Long Term and General Business and MMSV is authorised by the MFSA to carry on Long Term Business under the Insurance Business Act, CAP 403 of the Law of Malta. All entities are authorised by the MFSA.

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