Pet Insurance

Pets are often considered to be members of our family. With their loyalty, cuteness, and displays of affection and appreciation, it is hard not to love them. However, as any pet owner can testify, when a pet is hurt or gets sick, the costs can amount to as much as they do when a human gets sick.Our Pet Insurance, incorporates the necessary coverage needed for dogs and cats, in order to provide protection for pets and their owners. This insurance product provides coverage for veterinary care in case of illness or accident, theft or loss and expenses associated with the death of the animal. The basic coverage offers compensation of the value of the animal in the event of accidental death or theft, reimbursement of veterinary care costs caused by an accident, the costs of the pet’s stay in a kennel or cattery when the owner is hospitalised, the cost of advertising the pet’s loss in the media and reward in case the pet is recovered, legal expenses and third party liability cover. The policy also offers some optional coverage. The customer can opt for coverage of veterinary expenses due to illness. With this cover, we will reimburse the reasonable expenses incurred for veterinary fees such as tests, surgery, anaesthesia and hospitalisation in a vet clinic up to a maximum of €1,000 per policy period. Customers can also opt for cover whilst travelling with their pet outside Malta.

Benefits & Advantages

We will cover the veterinary care expenses of the cat or dog caused by an accident.

We will cover caesarean or dystocial delivery (difficulty in expelling the pups or kittens at the termination of gestation when the moment of delivery arrives). Heatstroke and gastric dilation or torsion complex are also covered.

In case of an accident, we will pay for veterinary consultation (with professionals licensed to practise as a veterinary surgeon in Malta and registered in the veterinary surgeon’s register kept by the veterinary surgeon council). Also, we will pay for diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, surgery, anaesthesia, post-surgical veterinary costs, hospitalization of the pet in a veterinary clinic, and veterinary care at home.

In case of an accident, we will cover the agreed value of the insured pet due to death or necessary putting down.

We will cover bodily injuries derived from traffic accidents.

We will pay you the agreed value of the pet as specified in the schedule, in case of theft.

In case of the loss of the pet due to mistake on the part of the insured or the person responsible for its custody, we will cover the costs to announce the loss in the press or on the local radio, and a pre-agreed reward to the person finding the pet. If the cat or dog is not found within a month, we will also pay the agreed value specified in the schedule.

If you are hospitalised, we will cover the costs of a kennel or a cattery.

We will cover your legal liability for property damage and bodily injury as the owner of the pet. We cover too the costs suffered by you as a result of your judicial interventions, or the provision of legal aid services needed, resulting from the ownership of the insured pet.

You may opt for coverage of veterinary fees arising from sickness and illness. Veterinary consultation, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, surgery, anaesthesia, and post-surgical veterinary costs arising from the surgery and hospitalization of pet in veterinary clinic are included.