Health Insurance

You cannot foresee what medical treatment you might require. Think ahead and protect yourself and your loved ones. Our health policy ensures that you and your family benefit from any treatment you may need in a comfortable environment and that you are cared for in an optimal manner. Our Health Insurance Schemes offer customers the freedom to choose the level of cover that best suits their individual requirements and budget. They are more accessible, easier to understand, more comprehensive and above all more flexible.

Benefits & Advantages

We offer you different levels of cover to best suit your individual requirements and budget: Basic (1), Hospital (2), International (3), Family Health (4).

We offer you cost-reducing options, such as Basic and Hospital in-patient cover only schemes, that pay for valuable in-patient treatment charges.

We provide further flexibility by letting you introduce a voluntary excess of 10% or 20% and enjoy a further reduction in your premium.

Our 24-hour telephone medical advice service, Mediphone, provides you the possibility to contact a doctor who can offer guidance in any health-related circumstance. This includes extensive services such as sending a doctor, nurse and medication to your home.

Second Medical Opinion service program: If you are diagnosed with a severe illness and would like to get further information, this benefit gives you access to a network of recognised international medical experts.

Both Mediphone and Second Medical Opinion service are provided at no charge on policyholders having a Mapfre Middlesea Hospital or Mapfre Middlesea International policy.

Policyholders on a Schemes 1 and 2 may subscribe these additional benefits at a nominal premium.

Parent accommodation (staying with a child under 14) is full refunded for Hospital and International Schemes.

International Scheme offers in-patient and out-patient cover on a worldwide basis (except USA and Canada.).

Consultant oncologist fees for all the active phase of the cancer treatment are full refunded for Hospital and International Schemes. Hospital charges for cancer tests and drugs, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy for each course of treatment are also included.

The Family Health Scheme offers payment options to choose from: monthly, quarterly, half year, annually. New born children can be included in the Family scheme free of charge, until the next date of renewal.