Boat Insurance

Our boat policy provides wide insurance protection. It covers you against accidental loss or damage; to your boat whilst it is ashore or afloat, in commission, laid up out of commission, being lifted, hauled out, launched or in transit – to motors, electrical machinery and equipment, batteries and their connections resulting from sudden accidental seepage of water into the boat, directly caused by an identifiable and unexpected occurrence – to personal items while used in connection with the boat. You are also protected against reasonable costs incurred including salvage charges, in preventing and minimizing a loss covered by the policy, your liability to others and personal accident for yourself and other persons on board the boat. The policy may also be extended to include cover for water skiing, racing and chartering.

Benefits & Advantages

We cover loss or damage to your boat that takes place within the navigational limits whilst it is ashore or afloat.

We will cover loss or damage to motors, electrical machinery and equipment, resulting from accidental seepage of water into the boat.

We will cover loss or damage proceeding from the boat striking an underwater or floating object.

Our policy covers the vessel, whilst in transit by road or ferry anywhere in Malta, including loading and unloading.

We pay for accidental damage or loss to the boat caused by a governmental authority while trying to prevent or diminish a pollution risk resultant directly from loss or damage to your vessel.

We include the costs for inspecting the boat following grounding, even if no damage is found.

In case of loss or damage to the outboard motors we will pay the current replacement value or price less 10% per year from date of purchase as new up to a maximum deduction of 50%.

We cover your legal liability to compensate other people if someone dies, or is injured, or their property is lost or damaged, as a result of your interest in your vessel.

We will cover loss or damage to the boat by the sudden and unforeseen malfunction of mechanical, electrical or electronic machinery and batteries and their connections caused by latent defects, faulty design and/or construction failure. Also, we pay for loss or damage caused by faulty maintenance or repair, or electrical, electronic or mechanical breakdown.

You can subscribe, as an extra cover, the pay for loss or damage, and your liabilities to, of water skiers being pulled by the boat. We cover too loss or damage and your legal liabilities whilst the boat is racing. Also, we will cover loss or damage and the legal liabilities of the charterers as if they were yours.

We will cover you and other passengers aboard the boat, including while embarking or disembarking, against personal accidents that are the sole cause of subsequent death or permanent total disablement within 12 months of the event.