Vacancy – Outbound Call Center Agent 

Outbound Call Center Agent

Tele-sales Marketing

Team Managers

We are looking for vibrant and energetic individuals who are looking to kick-start their career or want a change! We are looking for a motivated individual to work in our dynamic Outbound Tele-sales Team.

Reach and exceed set sales targets and/or other call targets.
Keep up to date with the latest products and services.
Ability to sell various kind of services over the phone.
Participate in team meetings and other scheduled training.

Minimum O’Level Standard including compulsory subjects or completion of customer service-related courses.
Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Familiarity with MS office computer skills or previous computer training.
Posses good interpersonal and communication skills both in English and in Maltese.
Be positive, enthusiastic and flexible team players with an outgoing personality and enjoy talking to customers.
Be able to listen and identify customer needs.

All interested applicants are to forward their CV to our HR Department on Applications are treated in absolute confidence. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the company’s Privacy Policy.


Shoreline Mall plc – Secured Bonds

Shoreline Mall p.l.c.

€14,000,000 4% Secured Bonds 2026

€26,000,000 4.5% Secured Bonds 2032 (the ‘Bonds’)

Shoreline Mall plc has announced the issue of €14,000,000 4% Secured Bonds 2026 and €26,000,000 4.5% Secured Bonds 2032, both having a nominal value of €100 per bond issued at par.

The Shoreline Mall plc is a Maltese registered company situated in Ricasoli, Kalkara, its principal activity is the acquisition and disposal and/or development and operation of the various immovable properties within and constituting the Shoreline Mall Complex to be situated at the Shoreline Mall Site at Smart City, currently the largest project being developed in Malta.


Purpose of the Issue and use of Proceeds

The entirety of the issue proceeds will be used for the development of the Shoreline Mall Complex. The proposed development will comprise a commercial component consisting of a shopping mall with a total gross area of 25,000 sqm spread over two floors, of which 14,000 sqm consists of various rental retail spaces. The Shoreline project will also comprise the development of 7 foreshore luxury residential units which shall be retained for sale purposes.

The net proceeds from the Bond Issue will be utilised for the development of the project.

  • €20,490,000 for direct civil and construction costs of the project,
  • €14,010,000 for direct finishing costs; and
  • €4,700,000 for other costs related to the project such as excavation works and professional fees.


Ranking of the Bonds & Security Interest

The Bonds will constitute the general, direct, and unconditional obligations of the Issuer and shall, at all times rank pari passu, without any priority of preference among themselves. The Bonds shall rank with priority or preference to all other present and future unsecured obligations of the Issuer, save for such exceptions as may be provided by applicable law, by virtue and extent of the special hypothec.

The bonds shall be secured, upon completion, by a special hypothec over the Shoreline Mall Complex which shall be registered in favour of the Security Trustees, in terms of the Security Trust deed.



Application will be made to the MSE for the Bonds to be admitted to listing and trading on the MSE


Minimum Investment and Interest Payments

The minimum investment is of €2,000 in the aggregate in any combination of the two bonds. Interest is paid annually



  • Application Forms available to the general public – 1 July
  • Offer Period (may be closed earlier as determined by the Issuer) – 6 July 2020 – 31 July 2020
  • Commencement of interest on Bonds – 1 August 2020
  • Announcement of basis of acceptance – 3 August 2020​
  • Refunds of unallocated monies – 3 August 2020​
  • Dispatch of allotment letters – 3 August 2020​
  • Listing of Bonds on the MSE – 6 August 2020​
  • Commencement of trading on MSE – 7 August 2020


Application Procedure

Applications open on 6th July, for more information you can call us on 21332200 to set up a meeting with one of our Financial Advisors. Alternatively, you can also send us an email on The Company is using the Prospectus in accordance with the consent and the conditions attached thereto.

Click to View Prospectus

This document has been prepared by Zenith Finance Limited. Zenith Finance Limited is licensed to conduct investment services business by the Malta Financial Services Authority under Section 6 of the Investment Services Act, 1994 of the Laws of Malta. This information is based on the prospectus dated 18th June 2020. This document does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the Bonds, whether to the public or otherwise. The value of the investments can go up or down and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. These Bonds may not be suitable for all recipients of this document and prospective investors should carefully consider all the information contained in the Prospectus as a whole and should consult their own financial advisor. The Prospectus is also available at our offices in Msida. These Bonds are to be distribute to Retail Clients on an advisory basis only.

Vacancy – Tied Insurance Intermediary


Zenith plan is seeking to recruit ambitious, sales-oriented insurance intermediaries to create and maintain strong relationships with clients. You will be presenting insurance products to meet each, assigned or prospective customer’s needs while ensuring to maintain the company’s reputation by offering a professional service.


1. Generate leads and prospects;

2. Deal with clients over the phone, email and face to face meetings.

3. Understanding customer requirements and identifying the best solutions.

4. Maintain professional relationships with existing clients


1. Having strong selling techniques and communication skills and able to communicate well;

2. Be fluent in spoken and written Maltese and English;

3. Enthusiasm to learn and grow in this market

4. Have a smart and confidential approach;

5. Valid driving license and own vehicle;

6. Be able to work within a team yet able to work on your own initiative.

All applicants are to email:

Using our services during the current outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read the latest guidance on using our services during the current outbreak.

We recognise that in such circumstances each of our clients and employees will face their own unique challenges as they focus on the safety of their health and the continuity of their day to day lives. The Company has in place processes and procedures as detailed below to ensure the continuity of the business and guarantee continuity of the fundamental business functions in case of a disruption and inability to access the offices physically due to partial or full lock-down.

  • The Company has made all the necessary arrangements in place to enable it to continue its fundamental business functions, including servicing clients, if a full lock-down is mandated by the health authorities.
  • All employees are able to work remotely since, the Company has provided them each with the necessary hardware and software (laptops, digital signature software, access to the necessary data and files, etc) enabling them to work from their homes.
  • The Company is and will continue to follow directives issued by the Department of Health, to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees and that of the customers. Our client facing teams will manage all client interaction by phone or through digital channels, to continue provide the support and high service levels that clients expect from us.
  • The Company changed its processes to facilitate the on boarding of new business as well as other operational processes to cater for a situation where it would not be possible to service customers face to face. Our objective in these situations is to standby our customers and to be as supportive as we can.
  • We also understand that our clients will need extra attention in the current situation and some will turn to us in moments of difficulty. We will continue to make ourselves available and will go the extra mile to offer the most adequate solutions in the circumstances.

We are happy to speak to you and discuss any matters with you via phone, email or video calls.  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 21332200 or by email on

New General Manager appointed at Zenith Plan

Zenith Group, one of Malta’s leading companies in Investment Business, Insurance and Corporate Consultancy announced that Sara Bartoli Pavia has joined their group of companies as General Manager of Zenith Plan.

Zenith Plan focuses on insurance distribution activities that include various life insurance as well as an array of general insurance products.

Commenting on this appointment, Executive Director Matthew Pace said, “We are proud to have Sara joining Zenith. Sara is a benchmark in the industry. Her experience and knowledge are essential to help the company grow in the right direction and address matters in an ever-changing industry. Our people are our greatest asset and they are instrumental to our success.”

Sara Bartoli Pavia holds a Master’s degree in Financial Services from the University of Malta, where she is now a co-lecturer within the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy (FEMA).

She shared that, “After almost 16 years in the industry, where I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience, I am looking forward to contributing in my new role at Zenith. Everyone’s energy, motivation and outlook are refreshing. The company is dynamic, innovative and forward-thinking, and we will continue to keep our clients at heart and to service them in the most professional manner.

Over the years, the company has been a successful industry player and has been growing exponentially – I hope to build upon this by adding value through my experience and approach. I look forward to the many projects, to support the team and to develop the structures necessary for a growing company.”

Zenith strives to continuously invest in its people and now has a complement of 40, dedicated to delivering its products and services to its growing customer base.


Zenith Finance Ltd. is licensed to conduct investment services business by the Malta Financial Services Authority under Section 6 of the Investment Services Act, 1994 of the Laws of Malta. Zenith (Tied Insurance Intermediary) Limited is an enrolled Tied Insurance Intermediary under the Insurance Distribution Act, Cap 487 of the Laws of Malta for both MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. (MMS) and MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (MMSV). MMS and MMSV are authorised under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 403 of the Laws of Malta. All entities are authorised by the MFSA.


Zenith – Now in Gozo

Zenith Group opens a branch in Gozo

Since its inception in November 2007, our company has developed exponentially in all its areas of business, whether in the provision of investments, insurance, corporate consulting or call management. Thus Zenith Group has four branches; individual dedicated companies; Zenith Finance, Zenith Plan, Zenith Consult and Zenith Connect. Each company having a highly specialised team focusing on their area of expertise.

Continuing in our mission in building and maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients; here at Zenith group we are committed in having our clients at the heart of our business.

Additionally, Zenith is always looking for growth opportunities and ways to improve our customer service, thus the obvious step for the company was to open more regional branches with the first one to be in Victoria, Gozo.

Within our branch we will be offering financial advice, focusing on traditional investments, both on the local and international markets; as well as insurance distribution activities that includes various life insurance and an array of general insurance products.

Our Gozitan customers can now enquire about our services close to home.

The office in the heart and capital of our sister island is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 5.30pm. Our clients can also call for an appointment on 2133 2200.

Vacancy – TII


Tied Insurance Intermediary


TII Sales Department


Team Managers


Zenith plan is seeking to recruit ambitious, sales-oriented insurance Intermediaries to create and maintain strong relationships with clients. You will be presenting insurance plans to meet each, assignedor prospective customerneeds while ensuring to maintain the company’s reputation by offering a professional service.



  • Generate leads and prospects;
  • Deal with clients over the phone, email and face to face meetings.
  • Understanding customer requirements and identifying the best solutions.
  • Maintain professional relationships with existing clients



  • Having strong selling techniques and communication skills and able to communicate well;
  • Be fluent in spoken and written Maltese and English;
  • Enthusiasm to learn and grow in this market
  • Have a smart and confidential approach;
  • Valid driving license and own vehicle;
  • Be able to work within a team yet able to work on your own initiative.



All interested applicants are to forward their CV to our HR Department on hr@zenithgroup.mtand include the following reference (Z-JP) Applications are treated in absolute confidence. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the Company’s Privacy Policy.



Each and every business, whether start-up or already established, aims to feel confident about their business growth and also their customer service.

It’s only in recent years that Maltese companies and organizations from small businesses to large entities, are leveraging with the idea of outsourcing. It’s easy to see why. The main reason for outsourcing non-core operations was always mainly to save money, but that is not the only benefit of outsourcing. Companies of all sizes can benefit from hiring a flexible and agile workforce to take on some of their projects without increasing their headcount.

Businesses who outsource also benefit from an improved performance, but above all, they also avoid any headaches when it comes to recruiting.  Finding the right candidate to fill up a vacant post within an organisation takes time and effort, but if that operation within the business is outsourced, the right human resources are already set in place.


What function should be outsourced and why?

Though there are several functions which a business can outsource. How can a business select the right ones and bring most benefit?

If the growth of your business outpaces the growth of your team, your business is not able to keep with the demand. This in itself is of course a positive thing but attempting to keep-up with the demand, can often stunt your business growth.

If a company has reached this position, the point of start is an analysis of the workflow and operations that includes assessing the skill set.

This will give a clearer picture of those functions that can be outsourced and the ones that are best kept in-house. It is advisable to keep core competencies in-house.

Then your best bet would be to set clear goals which are specific, such as, whether you’d like to cut certain costs or free up resources in order to use them on another initiative.

Usually the best tasks to outsource would be those which are repeatable but consume a lot of time and resources, such as accounts and administrative work.

Always keep in mind that outsourcing a certain workload can help free up resources which in turn you would be able to use on other initiatives. Initiatives which for years you might have shouldered for some time now due to financial reasons.


As Tim Ferriss said, “what we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”

It’s also highly important to be ready for change as outsourcing will be changing your company, for the better. It’s an opportunity in which requires planning, not only for you or the board of directors but also for your employees and the workflow.

Outsourcing will change your team’s workflow, and though you might think it’ll be difficult to adapt, you’ll shortly realise how beneficial it was to outsource a function and use those resources on other departments which needed the extra push.

Keep in mind, as the father of management thinking, Peter Drucker once said “Do what you do best. Outsource the rest,” and rightly so. Outsourcing the rest will help you keep your focus on what you do best without having to worry on trivial functions which take up your time.


What are the benefits?

 Outsourcing has many benefits, but you must first realise that if you do not put yourself in the game, your business can lose.

The first Prime Minister of Singapore, commonly referred to by his initials, LKY, Lee Kuan Yew, was quoted saying that “if you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.” The reason is that once the force that drives the economy was set in motion, it is beyond impossible to stop it and even more difficult to swim against the current when your competitors have already dived in the waters to better their chances.

Your business can increase its efficiency while also increase its focus on strategy and its core competencies. As already mentioned, you can focus on the main roles of the company, while the rest is being handled through outsourcing. Your company will be working less, and achieving more because certain tasks which must be performed to maintain operations but do not help the company grow, can be outsourced without the need to take up too much of your time.

More so, outsourcing can also help in bringing new clients and revenue in.

A case in point is when a company outsources the sales department, by using sales call management in which you hire another company to bring new leads. This will help your company gain more clients, through the use of specialised agents with a set of skills and who are well trained and whose job is solely placing the right sales calls for you. While you are benefitting from the business growth, you also steer away from the unnecessary process of hiring new people, training them and also managing another department that takes up your time and energy to manage.


Your local provider for outsourcing – Zenith Connect

Zenith Connect is a contact centre set-up offering both outbound and inbound services catering for professionals, SMEs and large organisations based in Malta. Zenith Connect is committed in working together with our clients towards finding the best option to fit their individual needs. We invite you to set an appointment with our outsourcing experts at Zenith Connect by calling our offices on 21 332200. Zenith – reaching heights together.

The Art Of Giving

One of our employees read a message on Instagram that the children’s wards during the Festive Season were very quiet and were lacking Christmas activities. We felt that this is not right, so as a group we got together, bought some toys and sweets and organised a visit to this ward to distribute the gifts to the children. We took this a step further, as we prepared some Christmas carols and one of us even volunteered to dress up as “Troll”.

This brought priceless smiles on the children’s faces… children were queing to take a picture with “Troll”!. This experience was not only positive for the kids but it was also a positive on all of us. Even though over two weeks have passed we still cherish this experience.