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Using our services during the current outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Read the latest guidance on using our services during the current outbreak.

We recognise that in such circumstances each of our clients and employees will face their own unique challenges as they focus on the safety of their health and the continuity of their day to day lives. The Company has in place processes and procedures as detailed below to ensure the continuity of the business and guarantee continuity of the fundamental business functions in case of a disruption and inability to access the offices physically due to partial or full lock-down.

  • The Company has made all the necessary arrangements in place to enable it to continue its fundamental business functions, including servicing clients, if a full lock-down is mandated by the health authorities.
  • All employees are able to work remotely since, the Company has provided them each with the necessary hardware and software (laptops, digital signature software, access to the necessary data and files, etc) enabling them to work from their homes.
  • The Company is and will continue to follow directives issued by the Department of Health, to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees and that of the customers. Our client facing teams will manage all client interaction by phone or through digital channels, to continue provide the support and high service levels that clients expect from us.
  • The Company changed its processes to facilitate the on boarding of new business as well as other operational processes to cater for a situation where it would not be possible to service customers face to face. Our objective in these situations is to standby our customers and to be as supportive as we can.
  • We also understand that our clients will need extra attention in the current situation and some will turn to us in moments of difficulty. We will continue to make ourselves available and will go the extra mile to offer the most adequate solutions in the circumstances.

We are happy to speak to you and discuss any matters with you via phone, email or video calls.  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 21332200 or by email on

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