Personal Pension Plan

This product forms part of the MAPFRE MSV product range.

  • A pension plan on a with profits basis, with a minimum premium of €40 monthly
  • You can apply for a tax rebate equal to 25% of the amount you save each year.
  • Supplement your state pension when you retire to maintain your lifestyle when you stop working.
  • You can stop your premiums and restart them at no additional costs within 5 years
  • The benefits of the plan, under current legislation, can only start between the age of 61 and the age of 70. Therefore, funds are not accessible before the age of 61.
  • At retirement age, you can choose to receive up to 30% of the fund as a tax-free lump sum, with the balance used to provide you with a regular income. 
  • You will have various options available on how you can receive your income as soon as you decide to take your benefits, such as though an ‘Annuity’ or through ‘Programmed Withdrawals’.
  • If death occurs before you reach retirement age, you receive a death benefit of 101% of your policy account
  • You will have the option to transfer out the plan to another provider, subject to legislation and subject to the acceptance of the receiving provider. Transfer charges will apply for a certain period of time.
  • Anyone domiciled in Malta who is at least 18 years old can start this plan