Collective Inv. Schemes

The primary objective of a collective investment scheme is, through economies of scale, to lower costs with a combination of profit-sharing funds. The pooled funds are grouped into a master trust account that is controlled by the the investment house, which acts as a trustee or executor. The investment house, has a legal title to the assets in the fund; however, those participating in the fund own the benefits of the fund’s assets. They are, in effect, the beneficial owners of the assets. Participants don’t own any specific asset held in the fund but have an interest in fund’s aggregated assets. Funds are specifically designed by an investment house to enhance its effective investment management by gathering the assets from various accounts into one fund that is directed with a chosen investment strategy. By combining different fiduciary assets in a single account, the investment house is typically able to substantially decrease its operational and administrative expenses. The designated investment strategy structure is designed to maximize investment performance. As Financial Advisors, we offer our clients an array of different investments by different Investment Houses. These include but are not Limited to: